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Anti-Aging Medicine The #2 Most Disruptive Technology

2 years ago

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Posted on Sep 08, 2018, 3 p.m.

.....cures for aging and aging related diseases are not only dreams anymore. 


Dear colleagues

 As president of the A4M I can proudly state that cures for aging and aging related diseases are not only dreams anymore.  The Revolution that started just 26 years ago is more mainstream than ever before.

Just this past week on Bloomberg, Citi announced its top 10 Disruptive Technologies naming Anti-Aging Medicine #2. That’s right they are calling this disruptive technology Anti-Aging Medicine. That doesn’t mean we can’t keep integrative medicine, concierge medicine and my 2nd favorite Regenerative Medicine, but I am particularly fond of Anti-Aging Medicine.

Anti-Aging Medicine will profoundly change all aspects of medicine in the short term and years to come. Our predictions are almost 100% accurate from the very start of the A4M in 1991 to today.As we predicted in 1996 Practical Immortality is just around the corner. By the year 2029 I expect living to 100 to be common and not exceptional. Many will live to 120 and beyond who embrace the tenants of Antiaging Medicine.

 I am including a 30 minute video of a round table I was asked to be the moderator of at the first International Congress of Stem Cell Physicians about the prospects of Clinical Immortality titled Clinical Immortality 2029. This important event spells out the latest developments of stem cell and cellular biology by some of the most innovative scientists in the industry. Topics such as Mesenchymal Stem, Young Blood, GDF 11, Nutrition,  V Cells, and Nano-Particulate Exosome were discussed.  You will enjoy this video please watch and share with your friends. It is just another example of A4M leadership and creative energies as we march towards goal of immortality 2029.

                                        Click here to watch Immortality 2029

I have including a link to the historic action of the World Health Organization to validate the entire specialty of Anti-Aging Medicine by implementing the extension code XT9T for the degenerative process of Ageing-related Disease in the latest version of the International Classification of Diseases; their work impact has been so successful the news appeared published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet.  

Finally, it has been the leadership of YOU, our doctors who have chosen valiantly and courageously to step out of the box of establishment medicine and practice according to your principles, your education and your morality to be the leaders changing healthcare today. The A4M Membership deserves the credit for establishing the new paradigm for longevity medicine for all mankin

 I applaud all you physicians of conscience, the members of the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine. I am proud to be among you.


Best wishes and God bless you!  


Ronald Klatz. MD, DO

President of the American Academy of Antiaging and Regenerative Medicine


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