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9 Tips to Stay Healthy While Traveling

1 year ago

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Posted on Aug 28, 2020, 10 a.m.

Most people love travelling to various destinations for a holiday or an adventure. While travelling is meant to be exciting, you may get sick during the vacation. There's nothing more stressful than that. You may have saved for months and paid for your accommodation room in advance. But when you get to your destination and fall sick, you may waste money on a journey you don't enjoy. So, while planning for your trip, it's vital to know how you can stay healthy. That way, you're sure to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

Here are some tips to help you stay healthy while travelling:

1. Exercise

When you reach your destination, it may be tempting to walk out of your hotel room and start your day without exercise. Dedicating about ten minutes each morning for some workout is a good way to gain energy and keep fit.

Quick and intense workouts are efficient because they save time and help you burn calories. And because they are short, most people manage them easily. You can sneak some simple exercises such as stretching your legs, arms, and shoulders as you wait for breakfast or transportation. 

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Right from the moment you step into the plane, ensure you have bottles of water. According to a study, some random samplings of tap water from planes showed fecal bacteria. So, drinking bottled water as you fly may keep you from falling sick.

Besides, during your trip, you'll engage in many dehydrating activities. Such activities include hiking in the mountains, walking along the beach, and visiting tourist attractions. As you engage in these activities, remember to carry water bottles with you and drink them often to stay hydrated.

3. Carry a First-aid Kit

As you load your travel bags on the roof rack ready for the trip, remember to carry your first-aid kit. During your vacation or while camping, you may experience fever, get physical injuries, or contract a virus. Having a first-aid kit may save you from the hustles of finding a doctor in the wilderness. Here are some things that are a must-have in your kit:

  • Antibiotic ointments and tablets
  • Painkillers
  • Adhesive bandages of various sizes
  • Thermometer
  • Motion sickness reducer
  • Anti-itch cream

Remember to always carry your kit in your carry-on or backpack so you can access it easily.

4. Stay Away From Aisle Seats in Planes

As you book a seat on the plane, you want to be selective. Get a seat next to the window that will reduce any disturbance caused by your neighbor, especially when they want to get up. That way, you'll protect yourself from infections that your neighbor may pick from the bathroom. A study by Emory University found that passengers who sit on aisle seats in planes have high chances of being infected by viruses. Therefore, as a precautionary measure, wipe your seat, latch, tray table and armrests with a sanitizer.

5. Get Enough Sleep

Anxiety and excitement may deprive you of sleep when travelling. You want your body to be in the best condition all the time you are on the trip. One of the ways to keep your body active is to sleep. Sleep is vital before taking your flight and during your holiday. So don't overwork yourself to compensate for the days you'll be away. That will make you arrive at your holiday destination exhausted.

6. Be Careful With What You Put in Your Mouth

Without food, travelling may be less exciting. But as you prepare to eat the delicacies in your travel destination, remember to eat healthily. Ensure you eat meat that is properly cooked, stay away from raw vegetables, and avoid buying dairy products from street vendors.

While visiting a food joint may be a great idea in the course of your tour, it may be expensive and pose a health risk. Visit joints that are hygienic and frequented by many people. Alternatively, you can buy food from a grocery store, cook it, and carry it with you.

7. Be Cautious While Using Public Amenities

Public amenities such as ATMs, ticket kiosks, and bathrooms are germ cesspools. Even though they may be cleaned continuously, the number of people frequenting them makes them a potential health risk.

Therefore, wash your hands properly with soap and water or use a sanitizer after visiting the bathroom, touching door handles, and handling trays.

8. Carry Skincare Products

If you're visiting hot and sunny regions, carry sunscreen creams with at least SPF 30. Apply and reapply it when you sweat and after swimming. Taking sunglasses and a hat may also help to shield you from excessive heat. When visiting a country with mosquitos, a bug repellent is vital to prevent many diseases.

9. Rest

After a long journey, you'll likely be exhausted. Coupled with that, touring activities such as squeezing yourself among many people to take photos, taking long treks and climbing mountains, may drain your energy. Therefore, it's essential to have time to take deep breaths, meditate, or relax while reading a book.

The Bottom Line

Staying healthy during your trip is vital for a fulfilling experience. While it's easy to think everything will turn out well, taking precautions to stay healthy is important. So, as you plan for your trip, these health tips will help you to steer away from infections

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Amelia Cooper is a full-time content marketing specialist. She has been closely following the travel industry trends for quite some time. She has dabbled in various domains before the travel industry but is currently focused on roof rack travels. On her off days, she likes to spend her time at the nearest animal shelter, lifting weights, or being nose deep in a novel.

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