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8 Effective Tips To Have A Healthy And Productive Work-Life Balance

7 months, 4 weeks ago

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Posted on Nov 05, 2021, 7 a.m.

Generally, people prioritize work over almost anything in life. When a person decides to get successful in life they keep everything aside including their well-being. But creating harmony between life and work is very important and this can promote your well-being. You must work on points to develop physical and mental well-being

Your career is almost as important as your health. But it is possible to take care of your health along with success. In fact, when you are healthy you can give the best of your efforts to your work. It is true that a healthy mind lives in a healthy body so this piece of writing is just a reminder to you not to submerge yourself only in your work activities at the cost of your health. Let’s see some of the top tips to help have a healthy and productive work-life balance.

1) Know that there is no perfect balance

If you hear someone advising you to maintain a balance between serious and fun activities, you could envision having an incredibly useful day at work and leaving ahead of schedule to spend the other portion of the day with loved ones. While this might appear to be great, it isn't always possible, more often than not it is not possible. Don’t try to make any perfect timetable, it’s more realistic to be flexible and take a stab at maintaining a practical one because it’s impossible to control everything. 

2) Go for a job you love

Work is a cultural standard needed by most to purchase goods/services to survive, but your profession shouldn't be limited. If you dislike what you do, you're not going to be content very easily. While you don't have to cherish each part of your work, it should be energizing enough that you don't dread getting up each day. When are doing what you love or at least like, then your job will not be a burden to you, and boredom should never surround you during your working hours.

3) Focus on your wellbeing

The physical, passionate, and emotional wellness of a person ought to be his principal concern. If you are battling with tension or sorrow then figuring out a remedy should help you to fit those meetings into your timetable, regardless of whether you need to go home early or attend an evening class. Focusing on your wellbeing doesn't need to consist of revolutionary or outrageous exercises. You can try a variety of options like yoga, mindfulness, meditation, herbal supplements, or CBD, which can help to provide you with a positive charge to live a happy and energetic life. 

If it is legal in your area you could look into the benefits of kratom for well-being. Kratom is available in the form of capsules and powder, but it is still largely illegal. Hence, before you opt for trying it, do care about the legal terms. For example, if you are living in Arkansas, then search about the legality of Kratom in Arkansas specifically and then move forward, as it could be different from city to city as well as state to state and country to country. 

Other herbs which you can try are tulsi, turmeric, and ginger, among others. By using herbs the main focus is to divert your attention towards your diet.  Your diet contributes significantly to your health and well-being. When you maintain a healthy diet, the chances are more than likely that you have a more manageable, happier, longer life and healthspan. 

4) It's ok to unplug yourself

At times cutting ties with the rest of the world for a period of time permits you to recuperate from stress, catch up on sleep, tackle the to-do list, focus on yourself/things without the pressures and judgments that others may impose, and gives you more time/space for different considerations and thoughts to arise. Alone time is basic to progress for most, that should assist you with getting in touch with yourself, provide perspective, and could help you to feel more empowered when you're at work. 

5) Getaway

Regardless of whether you go for a vacation that consists of a one-day staycation or a fourteen-day excursion to Bali, this is an opportunity to get some much-needed rest, you may be able to physically and intellectually re-energize during this time. People are frequently stressed that going on vacation will disturb their work process and that they will be met with an overabundance of work when they return. Put this out of your mind and try not to let these negative thoughts limit you from enjoying some long overdue time off. 

6) Allow time for friends and family

While your work is significant and you ought to focus on it, it shouldn't be your focus all day long. You were an individual person before taking this position with friends and family too. You must try to accomplish a balance between fun and serious activities, this may require you to plan some intentional activity to stay connected. If you don't find a way to maintain your social connections solidly outside of work on your individual time, you won't ever have the opportunity to do different things, to take your mind off of work, or relax, unwind, and enjoy your loved ones

7) Put down stopping points and work hours. 

Physical presence doesn’t always equate to mental presence, thus it’s a good idea to establish boundaries, downtime, and stopping points for you as well as your associates to help stay away from burnout and stress buildup. Remember at the point when you are leaving the workplace, you must abstain from pondering about impending tasks or noting organization messages. Consider having a different PC or telephone for work, so you can shut it down when you check out, at the very least create a work and a personal profile to log in and out of to help create the transition/stopping points. 

8) Put forward objectives and needs

You must not try not to browse your messages and telephone at regular intervals, as those are significant time-squandering undertakings that wreck your usefulness and cause distraction. Organizing your day can be highly useful at work, promoting productivity which can bring about more available energy to unwind outside of work. In this modern era, everyone is wasting most of their time in using their phones and that’s where their productivity falls. Not only does it consume time but it is also not healthy for your mind or body. The radiation emissions of the cell phone are not healthy so you should be a smart user and use it only when required for adding a plus point to your lifestyle and not a negative one. Additionally, overuse of cell phones and mobile devices can lead to physical side effects on your joints and muscles from repetitive actions such as “text neck” and “trigger finger/thumb”.


These are just a few examples of how you can maintain and create a balance between your daily life and work. It is important, as ignoring physical and mental health could lead to prolonged disturbances at work. Prioritize yourself and make your well-being the main concern. While you are not able to control everything and every detail in your life, you will succeed only when you have your mental and physical health as your top priority, not work. 

This article was written by Nancy R Fernandez, blogger and health advocate. 

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before making any changes to your wellness routine.

Content may be edited for style and length.

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