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5 Science-Backed Nootropics You Need To Know About

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Posted on Sep 17, 2020, 2 p.m.

A nootropic is a substance that when taken actually improves the cognitive abilities of a person. As you can expect, more and more people are interested in taking nootropics and as a result, there is more demand for research on nootropics and studies to determine their safety. In this article we will cover 5 science backed and approved nootropics that can definitely help you to get an extra edge in your life. 

Firstly, we will start with Bacopa Monnieri. In over 10 studies [1], it was shown that this substance had a small but positive impact on a user's ability to focus. These studies revealed that this nootropic helped to improve memory, mood, the ability to cognitively process information, nervousness, energy and even the ability to learn. It was found to have a huge positive impact on mindfulness.

There are a couple of side effects of this nootropic where around a little less than half of the users experienced an increased need to defecate. Less than 30% of users experienced nausea and cramps as well. Some of the other lesser frequent side effects that only occurred in 1% to 10% of users include headaches, bloating, reduced appetite, flatulence, life-like dreams, issues sleeping, bad moods, vertigo, allergies, dry mouth, stomach pain, flu symptoms, dry mouth and more. It should be noted that Bacopa Monnieri is completely legal to purchase and use in the U.S., U.K, Australia, Sweden and Canada. 

The next nootropic that we will look at is Citicoline. This nootropic has been shown to improve mindfulness, attention span, energy, both short and long term memory, problem-solving skills, ability to learn and it even has a neuroprotective effect on the brain. [2] The great thing about this substance is that it does not have any side effects according to the studies done so far. It can be used on a daily basis before midday. It can be consumed in a capsule or powder form and a light dose would be about 50 mg. The typical dose is 100mg and a significantly stronger dose would be 300mg. Once this nootropic is taken it will take about an hour to start working and a single dose should last about 12 hours. 

The third nootropic on our list is the Rhodiola Rosea. This is actually a herb that has been shown to improve energy, problem-solving abilities, sleep, creativity, anxiety and short term memory. [3] This nootropic doesn't have any significant side effects and you can take it every day if desired. It can be taken as a root extract in the form of powder or tincture. A typical light dose is about 50 mg, an average dose is 500 mg and a very strong dose would be 1000 mg. After you've taken the Rhodiola Rosea, you can expect it to start working after an hour and it should continue to work for about 20 hours. 

Another fantastic nootropic that many people are quite familiar with is Caffeine. As you probably know, caffeine is a stimulant that can greatly improve your energy, mood, short term memory, ability to socialize, attention span as well as ability to solve problems. [4] The great thing about this nootropic is that there aren't any side effects and you can use it as much as you desire. It is certainly best to take caffeine before noon and a light dose would be 50 mg. An extremely strong dose is 700 mg and the average dose is 120 mg. Within half an hour to an hour, it will start to work and the effects should last for at least 6 hours. 

Lastly, the final nootropic that we will discuss is Acetyl-l-carnitine. This is a well known amino acid that can improve many things such as your mood, nervousness, sleep, ability to talk, energy, problem-solving capabilities, creativity, ability to socialize, short and long term memory, attention and more. [5] This nootropic doesn't have any significant side effects and you can take it in a powder form. You can also take it at any time during the day and it lasts 12 hours after taking about 30 to 60 minutes to kick in. A light dose of this nootropic is 100 mg whereas a strong dose is 2000 mg and the average dose is 500 mg. 

To wrap things up, we have just covered 5 of the best science-backed nootropics on the market. So, if you truly want to enhance your mental faculties and well-being, then you should closely consider the nootropics listed above and test them for yourself to see which one works best for you.

Article courtesy of Nancy R. Fernandez, blogger and health advocate. 

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