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4 Types of Anxiety CBD Hemp Gummies May Help With

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Posted on Aug 23, 2021, 5 p.m.

Anxiety is a common occurrence. According to the ADAA, the disorder is found in around 43% of the general public in the United Kingdom. Even though the ailment is so common, only 37% of individuals who are affected seek treatment. The harmful side effects and reliance associated with anxiety drugs are the main reasons why people refuse treatment. As a safer alternative to traditional anti-anxiety drugs, more people are looking for a towards CBD in its various forms such as CBD hemp gummies for anxiety in the UK more and more these days.

CBD Hemp Gummies For Anxiety

Our bodies are susceptible to unwanted effects of stress due to constant worrying, restless nights, and the anxiety that comes with it. As a result, the body's health and proper functions can become compromised. CBD has been demonstrated in studies to help with anxiety, and many consumers use it for stress reduction. Many people who suffer from anxiety consume CBD hemp gummies as an alternative medication to help alleviate their symptoms.

CBD hemp gummies may be an excellent option if anxiety prevents you from obtaining a decent night's sleep. They may also aid in the improvement of your general mood by lowering stress levels and may also be beneficial to persons who are in a state of depression. The most crucial aspect of CBD hemp gummies is getting the proper dosage for your body type. Each person’s CBD dosage can be different. It is always expedient to consult with a physician to determine the appropriate dosage for you and to ensure that CBD is compatible with your body.

CBD For Panic Attacks

Panic attacks, also known as Panic Disorder, are an anxiety disease that affects roughly 1% of all adults in the U.K. This percent equates to around 2.4 million individuals. It is estimated that panic attacks strike twice as many females as it does males and half of all women who suffer from panic disorder experience it before they turn 24.

Professionals treat Panic attacks with psychiatric treatment, medication, or a combination of both. However, a new possibility has emerged as a result of current research, based on the growing body of evidence most experts agree that CBD has the potential to be a helpful treatment for panic attacks.

For some THC can have a calming and soothing effect on the human body; this occurs when the anandamide in our systems reacts with the THC in cannabis. On the other hand, a recent study reveals that CBD may also aid patients who suffer from panic attacks.

CBD is better than THC for its use as a potential therapy for anxiety disorders, as per a study published in Neurotherapeutics. According to the findings, preclinical research shows CBD's effectiveness in reducing anxious behaviors. 

CBD Hemp Gummies For Social Anxiety

Recent studies show CBD to be a good alternative to various medical prescriptions for numerous anxiety diseases, including but not limited to social anxiety. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that plays a role in mental health; low serotonin levels can cause depression and other mood disorders.

Low serotonin levels can lead to the onset of anxiety in some cases. Individuals with low serotonin levels in the body are typically treated with SSRIs, also known as "selective reuptake inhibitors”. CBD, rather than SSRIs, has helped some people manage their anxiety symptoms. Before making any significant modifications to your treatment plan, you should always talk with your doctor.

According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, CBD has effectively helped to reduce stress levels in rats. The animals showed reduced anxiety on behavioral indicators after consuming CBD. More specifically, after taking CBD, the rats' heart rates dropped considerably, and their overall happiness improved.

Furthermore, a 2011 study looked at the effects of CBD on humans who had been diagnosed with social anxiety disorder and found that ingesting CBD helped to reduce anxiety symptoms. Each subject received either a 400mg CBD dose or a placebo. Individuals who were administered CBD for social anxiety responded well to the dosage quantity.

Lastly, a study conducted in Japan found that CBD demonstrated a good influence. In this study, 12 patients with social anxiety were given 600mg of CBD. When researchers compared anxiety caused by public speaking before and after CBD treatment, there was a significant anxiety reduction. People who got a placebo treatment, on the other hand, showed no difference.

CBD Hemp Gummies For OCD?

When you search the internet for evidence of CBD's efficacy for OCD, you'll come across dozens, if not hundreds, of anecdotal testimonies from people who claim CBD hemp gummies have helped them control their symptoms. The efficacy of CBD in treating OCD symptoms is also strongly supported by some scientific evidence.

A 2015 study published in Neurotherapeutics, for example, found substantial evidence that CBD could be an effective treatment for OCD. The study only validated what previous research conducted between 1999 and 2002 had previously suggested.

The limbic region of the brain, which governs our emotions and how we process them, is affected by OCD symptoms. ADHD, dementia, and epilepsy are some of the other disorders that affect the limbic system.

Endocannabinoid deficiency causes the above symptoms mentioned as a result of anandamide's rapid breakdown. Anandamide is a natural antidepressant and one of the two major endogenous cannabinoids (those produced in the body). Anandamide is also known as the happy hormone since it affects mood and feelings of tension, fear, and happiness.

The human endocannabinoid system (ECS), the main regulatory network in all mammals, interacts with CBD. The ECS regulates the activity of other system organs and their tasks to keep the body in a condition of homeostasis (internal balance). CBD helps to boost anandamide synthesis signaling while slowing its breakdown as a result of this interaction.

The ECS may restore homeostasis more effectively without cannabinoid deficiency if more anandamide is circulating in the bloodstream.


CBD sprung onto the scene as a rumored "wonder remedy" for various ailments, including anxiety disorders. The mounting body of research on CBD for anxiety is encouraging, but small sample sizes and a lack of information on long-term effects limit it. More research is needed to determine whether or not it is a safe and effective treatment. CBD is reasonably easy to find and purchase, but it is not well-regulated. The label's contents and CBD concentration may differ from what's in the bottle — or gummy bear. Its legality is debatable from place to place, so you should look into the rules governing its possession and use in your state.

This article was written by Alexandra Doherty, blogger and health advocate. 

As with anything you read on the internet, this article should not be construed as medical advice; please talk to your doctor or primary care provider before making any changes to your wellness routine

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