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HOW TO Fitness and Anti-Aging beyond 80; eliminating the pitfalls. Doing everything right and still feeling miserable, aging sucks?

By hkugler at Dec. 1, 2012, 1:02 p.m., 10023 hits

We evaluated a number of people who believed that they were doing everything right, and - yet - still felt that they were far from feeling great.
Below is an abstract of my “HOW TO Fitness and Anti-Aging beyond 80; eliminating the pitfalls” that will be presented - - with an analysis of the pitfalls, and how to correct them - - at the coming A4M Congress in Las Vegas on Saturday, Dec. 15th, at 3:30 PM.
For documentation for this unified LIFE-LONG HEALTH definition - - and HOW TO practice the basic Anti-Aging modalities - - click on book cover at .

Taking HGH, testosterone, HRT in general, special anti-aging supplements, doing lots of exercise, - - and still feeling miserable, concluding that aging sucks? Grave mistakes in applying the anti-aging modalities INCORRECTLY – both sexes, middle-age to senior SENIOR – , causing counterproductive bodily responses, can make the difference in feeling on top of the world, or down in the dumps.
Life-long health – synonymous with optimum health, fitness, sexuality, slowest rate of aging, and best possible immune functions – was first defined by prof. E. Cheraskin, ALA Univ. School of Med., as a state of homeostasis, achievable by correctly combining the health practices that were later confirmed by telomere research as true anti-aging modalities (1 - 4). Anti-aging effects are further enhanced by synergism – confirmed by longevity studies on animals and humans - as a result of combining those health practices (5). Statistical evaluations allow us to clearly, and precisely, define all health practices, and their relative importance to each other. Within this framework, exercise, or physical activity, is defined as # 1 and “essential,” meaning that any attempt to achieve maximum longevity will fail if physical activity is not included as key modality (6).
Physical activity, the most neglected anti-aging and optimum health modality, now even shown to prevent cognitive losses and to enhance gene expression, underwent changes that make it easier, less boring, and most effective by incorporating the “1RM” (one Repetition Max) as a key guideline number (as developed by the “godfather” of the CT program, Olympic trainer Dr. Paul Ward) (8), and so effective that the renowned Texas University professor Jack Wilmore summed it up with: “The bottom line is that CT exercise programs continue to be effective beyond wildest expectations in producing changes in aerobic fitness, strength, lean body mass and very positive changes in body composition.“
Successful anti-Aging continues with CORRECTLY applying (cycling) adjunct modalities like HGH, Testosterone, HCG, NO-enhancers, Arginine, Pycogenol, enzymes, Embryonic Cell Extracts, various types of stem cells, and more, and with an eye on preventing possible endocrine, metabolic and gene-expression pathway disruption (7).
The major response to the proposed mechanism of endocrine disruption – mostly from supporters of fracking, environmental polluters, Monsanto and GMO stock holders (who else would support such Frankenfoods?) – used to be “well, you have some points there, but this (the lock and key receptors in the cell membrane, passing messages along to the inside in the cell, and then to the nucleus) is far from proven!”
The opponent’s arguments were silenced with the 2012 Nobel Prize for chemistry given to Drs. Robert Lefkowitz (Duke U) and Brian Kobilka (Stanford), showing that the pathway really is a “lock-and-key” mechanism; they call the receptors in the cell membrane that accept a message outside, and then pass it on in the inside as “G-protein-coupled receptors”, or GPCRs (it’s like a lock and key, Lefjkowitz said).
Achieving LIFE-LONG HEALTH, including fitness and muscle maintenance – as demonstrated in my own heart injury case; now, at age 78, according to heart output data classified as “high performing athlete" – demonstrated, and published in world leading science journals, true fitness and anti-aging beyond age 80 becomes an achievable reality (7b, 9).

The below endocrine pathway(s) will be used to demonstrate
a) Normal endocrine pathway, and endocrine disruption pathway; hormone mimic.
b)Normal gene-expression pathway, and Gene-expression blocking via GMOs.

c)Endocrine-signaling - via gene-expression – to activate immune functions.

****Sorry: Illustration of overview of gene-expression, endocrine disruption, and endocrine mimic unable to copy here; will be presented at A4M, Dec. 15th, 3:30 PM, at the VENETIAN.****

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(7) a) Kugler H, The Scientific Basis for Developing a Personal Anti-Aging Program. ANTI-AGING MEDICAL THRAPEUTICS, Vol. IV. A4M book publication. b) “LIFE-LONG HEALTH: Learn how to Control you Genes to stay Young with

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