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What you don't know can kill you. Lessons from Fukushima.

By tpantanella at March 8, 2012, 3:58 p.m., 12264 hits

By. Dr. Theresa R. Pantanella, PhD/Occupational Therapy, MPA, OT/L

What lessons have been leaned? It has been one year since the accident at the Fukushima Daiichi Disaster Nuclear Power Plant. The destruction and chaos in Japan has been felt around the northern hemisphere, and is overtaking the southern hemisphere as you read.

First, there are the basics everyone needs to know. Like, how far away to you live, work or play from a nuclear reactor? Anything less than 50 miles is cause for concern. Despite messages from the nuclear industry designed to quell your fears, these things leak radioactive waste! Since Chernobyl, America has taken the lead, with 56 out of 99 accidents being recorded per Benjamin K. Sovacool. An accident is defined as causing loss of human life or more than US $50,000 of property damage.

Second, do you monitor radiation levels? In the air? When you travel? Be aware of the origin of weather systems. If they are coming to you from an area that is consistent with the jet stream patterns from Japan, you may experience an increase in radioactive particles in the precipitation. A commercial environmental laboratory has actually set up an entire separate testing lab for radioactive particles. This should not be a surprise after the EPA found in the November 21, 2011 report ‘heightened’ levels of radioactive particles in the farmlands predominantly in northern states bordering Canada and on the west coast of the U.S.

Regarding testing for radiation levels in food, it is unfortunate, but the only way to test accurately for radioactive isotopes is by burning the food to ashes.

Which brings up the third area to be educated about, the location where your food is grown or raised. I have written previously about the dangers of grass-fed beef and won’t expound on that here. Do be aware of where you food comes from and be sure it’s not from a contaminated area. It’s best to eat locally grown. Growing food yourself inside your home using properly filtered water is the best option. Skip the leafy green vegetables also if they are grown outside. The leaves will absorb radioactive particles from the rainwater. It is impossible to ‘wash off’ the radiation.

Fourth, do you know what type of water filter works best? A filter with BOTH activated charcoal and ionization is best. Don’t cheat yourself here.

Baring all the means of preventing radioactive particles to enter into your body, (called internal contamination), are you using supplements that will defend your body against the ravaging effects? Having internal contamination is much more deleterious than external exposure to radiation. Once radioactive particles are inside your body, they are like a madman with a machine gun, shooting at everything in sight and breaking down your defenses, leading to illness, disease, cancer and possibly death. Consider that in 2005, the National Academy of Sciences, a U.S. federal agency, issued a 700 page report on “Health Risks from Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation”. The report’s conclusion confirmed the knowledge that no level of ionizing radiation is safe.

The basics are to first, raise and maintain your iodine levels. This is accomplished with either a supplement or by swabbing iodine on your skin, about two inches by eight inches, daily. This will protect your thyroid and breasts.

Next, take a radiation detox supplement with brown seaweed, EGCG, Brewyer’s yeast, and Quercetin for chelating cesium and strontium out of your body as well as protecting your DNA. Other supplements necessary for DNA repair are vitamin B12, B6, folate and niacinamide.

In case you still consider yourself impervious to the fallout from Fukushima, know that when President Eisenhower was in office and nuclear weapon testing was occurring in Nevada, his security team held him inside in order to limit his exposure. The threat is all gone, you say? Know that where the former USSR did their nuclear weapon testing the polar bears currently have disfigured and missing genitalia. This problem will not go away and will become an issue for generations to come.

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