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SMALLPOX - - a disaster waiting to happen.

By hkugler at Nov. 17, 2011, 10:02 p.m., 28508 hits

SMALLPOX: Another Disaster Waiting to Happen. Unprotected Beyond Belief?

YES, we do have a real problem!

October 2011 we learned that our government spent $ 433 million on an experimental treatment for Smallpox; $ 255 per treatment.
People who would like to get vaccinated, or who had been vaccinated long time ago, and who would be willing to get re-vaccinated, are not allowed to do so.

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a) The intelligence community and other terrorist experts recognize the release of smallpox as one of the top risks, right along with exploding a dirty or nuclear bomb; the CDC (Center for Disease Control) web-site acknowledges this fact.

b) After 9/11 the directive from Washington to the CDC was: Develop a plan to protect the American people from terrorist biological threats, which had smallpox (and Anthrax) on top of the list.

c) The CDC (Center for Disease Control) opposes preemptive vaccinations; their opinion (yes, opinion; not a proven fact) is that risks associated with vaccinations outweigh the possibility of terrorists having access to smallpox and using it effectively. “If an outbreak occurs, we’ll rush the vaccine to the affected area,” ( - - suggesting that the vaccine is still effective after exposure - - - which is, to the most part, not correct).

d) MIT and Yale University scientists applied the CDC approach to a hypothetical smallpox attack in which 1,000 people suddenly become infected in a city of 10 million. Results: 367,000 cases of smallpox and 110,000 deaths would result. Results: CDC approach is a total failure.

e) CDC has really failed to develop a method to protect us; while their arguments may be statistically correct, they are merely reasons for not completing the task.

f) Smallpox is an extremely serious disease; for a better understanding, please view pictures and details:

g) Governmental dictatorship? Anybody not feeling protected by the CDC approach, wishing to take the smallpox vaccine at their own risk, even willing to pay for it, is told that our government – CDC – does not allow them to do so.

First some facts about smallpox and smallpox vaccines:
1) The incubation period for smallpox is 12 to 14 days; fever and headache are the major symptoms. During the next 3 to 5 days infected people develop rashes and they become contagious themselves, spreading the disease; this stage is extremely contagious. At first the rash looks inconspicuous and most doctors would not suspect smallpox; the doctor would probably say “Hm, let’s wait and see.” Give it at least two to three more days for an alert doctor to ring the alarm bell and for experts to confirm that we have a true health emergency.

2) Time to recognize the health emergency and speed of vaccinating people is of the essence because vaccines given to infected people AFTER 3 to 4 days of exposure are NOT effective; those people will get smallpox; about 30% of them will die. Even if you should survive, the virus spreads to all organs, and there is tremendous suffering on the part of the patient, with extreme disfiguration for the rest of their lives, with large pox marks the face and body. See pictures of smallpox at: .

3) Research data suggest that people who had been vaccinated against smallpox more than 10 years ago have lost their immunity; a very small degree of immunity may be retained much longer. Re-vaccinating those people would have a MUCH smaller risk of side effects than for people who have never been vaccinated.

4) Investigators at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious disease recently published data (NEJM, April 25, 2002) that showed that the 14.5 million doses of US vaccine can be diluted tenfold and still be effective (but only to induce immunity, not to treat already infected people).

5) In 2002 the French firm Avantis Pasteur confirmed that they had 75 million doses of smallpox vaccine, willing to sell to the US.

6) By 2003 the US had the capacity to vaccinate a minimum of 145 million people. According to published data, as of 2007 the US stockpiled 280 million units of SP vaccine. In 2007 CDC is telling us that better vaccines - - fewer risks - - are on the way. Will we then wait for even better vaccines? Sit on them too while unprotected? Spend lots of $$ to destroy the 280 million units we have now?

So, against scientific logic, our government is throwing $ 433 million at a - - apparently Washington-connected - - drug company. For details re. the purchase: LA Times, 11.13.2011, front page.
For details about Smallpox and Terrorism, click on - home page - Terrorism at .

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