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GRASS FED BEEF: Radiated Food?

By tpantanella at Nov. 8, 2011, 9:19 a.m., 12393 hits

By Dr. Theresa R. Pantanella, PhD/Occupational Therapy

Is grass fed beef the best for you? There are many people and respected sources saying it's better for you than feedlot fed beef. But what is in the tall prairie grasses that the cows eat?

There’s no pesticides in the grass, you may think. But, there is a strong possibility of radioactive particles inside each blade of grass due to the accident at Fukushima in Japan.

Fukushima exploded on March 11, 2011, releasing radioactive isotopes that have half
lives allowing them to last for millions of years. As the radioisotopes travel through
the air, they attach themselves to water molecules. Once the water molecule has a
sufficient number of radioisotopes on it to make it heavier than the air, it falls to the
earth. Snowflakes are easier for the radioisotopes to attach to because of the snowflake’s
sharp edges. These also fall to the earth with the radioisotopes attached to them.

Radioisotopes are absorbed along with the water molecule, whether it be rain or snow, by
any green leafy plant, including grass. Once inside the plant, the radioisotope cannot be
removed, washed off or rubbed off. It is now part of the plant or blade of grass.

Once the grass is ingested by the cow, it becomes part of the cow’s body, with some
reappearing in the cow’s milk. Other radioisotopes can be absorbed by the cow’s
muscles. It can accumulate, resulting in you eating concentrated amounts of radioactive
isotopes along with your steak or hamburger.

Having radioactive isotopes in your body is akin to a madman with a machine gun
standing inside your body firing away at any and all cells nearby, destroying the DNA,
resulting in illness, disease, cancer and even death.

In Sweden, after the Chernobyl accident, reindeer farmers were required to have their
reindeer meat tested for radioactive isotopes. They experimented with Bentonite
and Zeolite clays in the reindeers’ food to help chelate the ill-causing radioisotopes
successfully. In America, there is no such testing required. So, there is no way for you to
know if the backyard grilled steak you are about to enjoy is full of radioisotopes, that can
give you leukemia, thyroid cancer or a host of other health problems.

The good news is the radioactive isotopes are currently only circulating in the northern
hemisphere of the earth. This is the area north, or above, the equator. The reason for
this is the air currents of the world will take a full calendar year, 365 days, to move a
substance from one hemisphere to the other. So, the air in the southern hemisphere is still
without radioactive isotopes. This is the areas below, or south of the equator. Grass fed
beef from anywhere south of the equator is without radioactive isotopes because of this

So, enjoy your beef, but be careful of the source of the beef.

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