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Saint Louis Radioactive Rainfall @133x Greater Than Background Radiation

By dsorbello at Sept. 20, 2011, 8:08 a.m., 12726 hits

Click here for video:


Accompanying YouTube Video Text:

9/14/11 Saint Louis, Mo 5:30pm
Radioactive Rainfall at 1.33 mR/hr
133 Times Greater Than Normal

I would expect Iodine 131 to be
reported again in Japan timing to a
window surrounding 9/7/11.

I have uploaded the full video of this detection, with multiple samples taken; the readings represent a 30 second moving average updated every 3 seconds. The maximum reading of 1.362 mR/hr occurs at approximately 7min 33 sec into the video.

For an analysis of the relation of the detection to Fukushima and the previous 8/20/11 detection of 178x Background radiation please see the videos at:…

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