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The Devastation of Illness

By sswartz at March 13, 2017, 11:24 a.m., 20825 hits

Carol was a good friend and a beautiful person. She was an entertainer and sang with the best of them in Miami Beach, long before the iPhone or cable came into existence. When she retired from show business, she returned to college and wrote her PhD in Music Psychology, gave singing lessons and helped many a younger singer get started in their career. I even took a few singing lessons from her. She seemed to live like a happy camper filled with joy and positive encouragement for everyone she met. As we became better friends, she told me that her only son died from an autoimmune disease, but she kept her pain buried inside. Carol told me she never recovered from that emotionally. “The loss of a child is the most devastating experience a parent can face, and missing the child never goes away. Parents feel alone and isolated in their grief, as friends and relatives are often at a loss as to what to say.” Although Carol never showed any deep sadness and grief outwardly, she felt it every day of her life. Her body eventually started to break down.

The emotions that are connected to the Metal element are sadness and grief, and the organs that are involved are the lungs and the large intestine. Carol, being a singer all her life, had strong lungs and she was able to break through a lot of the sadness that she had stored. But, eventually, it caught up to her and attacked her large intestine, the yang organ on the Metal element. If a patient can control their emotions and the exposure to stress and get adequate rest, the disease may be curable. If treated early and properly, a patient with pre-cancerous symptoms could be cured.

When I was in China, patients were instructed to follow an important regimen:
• Monitor food and diet.
• Adopt a regular and consistent pattern of daily activity which includes eating, working and sleeping.
• Live in a peaceful and secluded environment.
• Avoid anxiety, depression and anger.
• Practice Qi Gong and do internal exercises. These practices are incorporated into my treatments and have been most effective.

If you know someone who has been suffering from cancer through conventional medicine, have them contact me at 305-407-0120. I can help. Over the last twenty-five years, I have worked with many cancer patients and have been able to make their Western medicine treatments go much smoother, eliminating many of the side effects.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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