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The Greed-Based Climate Deniers Vs Clear-Cut Science Facts

By hkugler at June 20, 2018, 8:35 a.m., 22867 hits

Subtitle: Applied Pseudo-scientific special interest (carbon?) Apprentice VooDoo is Risking Earth’s Survivability, BUT FOR WHAT?

INSTEAD OF FIRST READING THE BELOW:ABSTRACT access the full paper, with 9 graphs & pictures - - caught by NASA satellite monitors - - multiple airplanes Geoengineering spraying, click on

Climate deniers - - - when challenged with this scientifically logical question: “If climate deniers were right, how come the Global Warming BLUNDER of all times, the near complete Arctic ice losses, could/did ever happen?” - - - become speechless.

In review:
Over the years scientists had made it clear that taking effective countermeasures to reverse GW, and giving earth a chance to come back to a healthy equilibrium, had to be swift – definitely NO shortcuts - and that delaying actions would GREATLY worsen the problems, accelerating the downhill spiral to a point of no return, and with costs sky-rocketing to an unaffordable $ 60 trillion; Cambridge University Climate Change Section: .
Q.: With all of this now confirmed, what WAS actually being done?
A.: Very little, close to NOTHING; mostly because of intentionally planted bogus anti climate change arguments by the carbon interests ($ 543 million worth), and short-cuts like high altitude Chemtrail spraying ( - - ), now referred to as “earth-destructing, thermodynamics-violating, pseudo-scientific VooDoo.” The “ACTIONS” taken were/are based on inferior, gimmicky, apprentice-type thinking - - - so illogical, and in violation of true scientific thinking and problem analysis - - - that it suggested that our world was run by TGBs and TFIs (Totally Greedy Bastards and Totally Fumbling Ignoramuses), with no oversight because our “leaders” are ill-advised, under the influence of $$ special interests - and indifferent to the fate of this planet. (There are stronger words than Fumbling and Ignoramuses but I will refrain. Suffice it to say, these same “leaders” are concerned more about whoring for dollars than the future of Earth.)

Q.: What would/should have been a truly logical science approach to solve earth’s problems?
Q.: You ask “what is the cause of the problem?“
A.: Extreme CO2 production; to be precise, worldwide CO2 production is 40 billion tons per year.

Action required to solve the problem: determine/calculate how much CO2 needed to be cut to bring earth back to a healthy equilibrium; confirmed by NASA and research centers worldwide: CO2 had to be reduced by 60+ percent.
Follow-up question: can it be done? A.: a unanimous “YES.”

Final action: educate people about these facts – get everybody involved to be part of the solution – and focus on ANY AND ALL technologies to achieve the goal.
Not easy, but America faced a similar situation when it had to enter WW-II. Read up on it how America’s potential was utilized, INVOLVING EVERYBODY, AND EVERY BRANCH OF TECHNOLOGY. IT WAS DONE/ACHIEVED AND – regarding reducing CO2 production - involving the entire earth population and technologies – IT COULD BE DONE EVEN MORE SUCCESSFULL. For a taste of our clean energy potential, click on, and be amazed about the possibilities: Energy alternatives: .

Since a truly logical approach - - cutting the cause of our problems, excess CO2 - - would have affected carbon profits, these special interests exerted their power to use illogical and highly questionable approaches, obviously to sustain profits. In our greed-based world priorities are different, “Not logical” as Mr. Spock from the Enterprise would say, and money ranks above everything, come hell, earth destruction, or high water – literally. AND THAT EVEN SUPERCEEDES CLEAR-CUT SCIENCE LOGIC. AND THAT’S WHERE CARBON INTERESTS WENT TOO FAR; THEY SHOULD BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ALL THE RESULTING PROBLEMS!

Back to the reality of a screwed-up world:
AMEG, Arctic Methane Emergency Group, starting in 2007 warned world leaders that the arctic ice was disappearing/melting at an unusual rate - ; earlier calculated to last at least until 2050, projected to be gone/melted by September of 2015. The pristine ice used to reflect 85+% of incoming sun energy back into space. With more bogus anti climate change arguments planted by the carbon special interests - “big deal, how much could that energy be” – nothing got done. Drexel U confirms, exposes carbon industry placing BOGUS anti-climate change arguments
Calculated at 8 x 10 to the 21st Joules (“Joule” an energy unit), this represents the energy equivalent of 4 Hiroshima atomic bombs PER SECOND, or 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs PER DAY

MORE - - For access to the full paper, with 9 graphs & pictures of NASA multiple airplanes Geoengineering spraying

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#1 - Jan. 20, 2017, 11:05 p.m.

Due to the extreme effects of the geoengineering/chemtrail spray ingredients on health AND the environment, emphasis must be on terminating the spraying, and going back to reducing the real cause, excess CO2 production. Most concerning is the amount of Aluminum nano-particles that are being dispersed. We as scientists and physicians know how toxic and insidious this is. Some basic facts include: decreased cognition, learning disorders and senile neurological dysfunction.