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Avoid Getting Old And Sick Before Your Time

By sswartz at Aug. 15, 2016, 11:37 p.m., 20792 hits

I trust in homeopathic medicine and use it for all
my health needs. I have been a believer in
alternative medicine since I was in my twenties.
It doesn’t mean that if I really needed orthodox
medicine, I wouldn’t take it. But for the most
part, I haven’t taken any prescription or
over-the-counter medicine in over twenty years.
Why? For one, it has too many side effects and it
doesn’t really cure anything but just hide the
symptoms like a big bandage. On the other hand,
homeopathies, diet, acupuncture, medical Qi Gong,
meditation, proper nutrition, and body alignment
don’t really treat any disease, rather they treat
people and people get healthy again with very
little side effects. Don’t get me wrong. Curing
any imbalance in the body/mind takes a lot of work
on both the doctor and the patient.

Most people in the USA never heard of homeopathic
medicine. Neither did I until we had our second
son. He had a slew of allergies when he was born,
causing severe stomach pain. We took him to the
best traditional doctors we could find where he
was tested for cystic fibrosis and every allergy
you could imagine. What did the doctors come up
with? “Your baby is allergic to mother's milk.”
This was a shock to both my wife and me. We went
through the Lamaze classes and my wife was set on
breastfeeding. Now what were we going to do? One
of our friends said that she knew a good doctor
that lived only a few hours from us who only used
natural medicine. Although our families weren’t
too comfortable with us using alternative
medicine, we decided to give it a try. So, we
packed up the family and drove out to see her.
When we told her that our son was allergic to
breast milk, she only laughed. The doctor said,“No
baby is allergic to mother’s milk!” She gave us
some little pills and sent us home to continue
breastfeeding, and you know what? He was better in
a few days. That made both of us a real believer
in alternative and homeopathic medicine. 

If you were wondering what homeopathic medicine
really is, I’d describe it as a system of natural
health care that has been in worldwide use for
over two hundred years. Homeopathy treats each
person as a unique individual with the aim of
stimulating his or her own healing ability. A
homeopath selects the most appropriate medicine
based on the individual's specific symptoms and
personal level of health. It is recognized by the
World Health Organization as the second largest
therapeutic system in use in the world. While it
is most popular in India, France, England,
Switzerland and South America, over thirty million
people in Europe, and millions of others around
the world, also benefit from its use.

The first principle of ‘like cures like’ can be
looked at in several ways. One way is to assume
that the body knows what it is doing and that
symptoms are the body’s way of taking action to
overcome illness. This healing response is
automatic in living organisms. The similar
medicine acts as a stimulus to the natural vital
response, giving it the information it needs to
complete its healing work. Since the initial
action of the vital response plus the medicine is
to increase the strength of the symptoms, this is
our first indication of internal healing taking
place, of diseases being cured from within –
pushed outwards along the established routes of
past and present symptoms. Alternately, the second
principle states that the stimulus of the medicine
works from within the vitality and is not imposed
from the outside, and only enough is given to
start the healing process. 

For the most part, we haven’t incorporated
alternative medicine into our orthodox system of
medicine in the USA. Why? It posed a serious
threat to established systems, the Big Pharma, and
our Western medical institutions, not so in Europe
where both are used to get the patient better.
Also, Orthodox physicians criticized herbalists,
Chinese medicine, and various other “non-regular”
practitioners because they were not medically
trained and they do not understand it. 

Two or three times a year, I invite Dr. Carola
Cuenca, a well-seasoned homeopathic doctor from
Santa Cruz, California, to my clinic to test
patients using Computerized Regulation
Thermography (CRT). She has specialized in CRT for
over twenty years. It’s a tool used to get a
functional picture of all the organ systems in the
body, measuring many different points on the skin
which correspond to specific internal organs and
tissues. Thermography has been used in Europe for
more than twenty years, and has recently been
computerized to make interpretation easier and
more accurate.

You may be wondering why is CRT important for you
and your longevity. Regulation Thermography is
effective in the early detection of many physical
imbalances and diseases and also in determining
the source of ill health. CRT can discover
possible sources of chronic disease and
infections. Breast, ovarian, and prostate health
can also be assessed. Possible cardiovascular,
stomach, liver, pancreas, and gallbladder problems
can be detected using the CRT. Unknown causes of
infection and inflammation, allergic or toxic
reactions to food, the presence of intestinal
mycosis or dysbiosis, and possible correlations
between dental health and disease can all be
determined using CRT. CRT can estimate your
overall vitality.

Your symptoms are just warning signs to let us
know it's time to change. If you or a loved one is
suffering from a minor or chronic problem, call my
clinic today at 305-407-0120. Together, we can
unravel your blockages and get you on a program
for your optimum health and longevity. We will be
offering appointments in Florida from September
9th to 13th.

I wish you the best in your Health, Wealth, and

Dr. Wu Dhi

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