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Bring Home The Gold

By sswartz at Aug. 8, 2016, 12:10 a.m., 22324 hits

I am not a big TV fan, but the Olympics is an exception. I love seeing individuals who are on top of their game. I can imagine how an athlete must feel to be awarded a medal for his country. Here’s a little history…

The original Olympic Games was a pagan religious and athletic festival that took place every four years at the shrine to Zeus in Olympia, Greece. But, Emperor Theodosius put a stop to the “pagan” Olympics. Theodosius I was the first emperor to prohibit the whole established pagan religion of the Roman state. By the time of Theodosius, the church was a part of the political and social structure of the oppressive empire. It was necessary for Theodosius to prohibit the traditional pagan practices in order to fully establish his dominance over the people. Theodosius issued an edict that all pagan temples be closed. Edicts against the worship of the pagan faith led to the decline in many areas of traditional Greek life such as the Olympic Games. The Olympic Games lay dormant for many years, though many people still knew of them.

Now, millions of people from every part of the world are on these young superstars to root for their country and see the best in sportsmanship. The Olympics is not only about winning, it is way more than that. Just to be chosen to represent one’s country is a great honor and a lifetime dream of so many young men and women to be able to fulfill their goals and make a personal breakthrough that will last for millenniums. The Olympics is the only true activity that the world comes together for mutual understanding among individuals from all over the globe. It inspires humanity to overcome political, economic, gender, racial or religious differences, and to forge friendships in spite of those differences. This is a great model for world peace, non-judgment, understanding, and compassion.

We all know how much dedication, training, and practice go into being the best in your sport and life. There is no reason you can’t bring in the Gold for yourself, your family and your community. All it takes is you declaring what you really want, and then cultivating that activity, training it into your body and mind, and practicing. When I started learning the internal exercises, I practiced every day for hours. I never missed a day and I made sure I was around like-minded people to keep myself on the path. This morning, I trained for a few hours before the day got going. I started out with the Recharging Qi Gong exercises and moved into the Flying Crane Qi Gong set and then did a standing meditation. What a great way to start one’s day. Get started and bring home the Gold.

I wish you the Best in your Health, Wealth, and Happiness.

Dr. Wu Dhi

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