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Is Hydrogen H2 Pure Energy the greatest discovery of the decade?

By ndelgado at Jan. 19, 2016, 9:23 a.m., 5513 hits

Dear Doctors and Scientists of A4M
I am excited to share with you an amazing new discovery of a way to potentially combat or slow neurological diseases like Parkinson's, inflammatory diseases like cancer and reduce body fat.

Hydrogen H2 & Nitric Oxide Therapy
This amazing therapy has proven to also increase energy, by harnessing hydrogen H2 and Nitric Oxide, abbreviated as NO (more on this in the next newsletter).

I have had the opportunity to test the free radical damage levels using oxidative stress measurements on over 100,000 people during my 40+ years as an anti-aging nutritional coach. I have tested doctors, hematology experts (doctors who specialize in the study of blood), oncologists, and famous people like Tony Robbins.

Tony Robbins the greatest lifestyle change teacher
I am with Tony now today at Business Mastery the second day of an intensive 5 day course in West Palm Beach Florida. There are over 1,500 raving fans here to drink in every word Tony has to share of how he has accumulated over $6 billion in net worth! Yes that's with a “B”.

As you may know, I was Tony's Life Mastery expert coach for his now famous 9 day course formerly held in Hawaii in 1992 and 1993, now at his “private Island” of Fiji. Tony had selected me to test over 5,000 of his best clients, including people like Peter Guber, the wealthy owner of LA Dodgers.

An easy screening non diagnostic test to detect free radical damage
It was my fortune to test and measure which antioxidants work the best by doing the oxidative test taking pictures of blood under the microscope of free radical damage, also known as Reactive Oxygen Toxic Species – ROTS Masses.

The reason I am so excited is after testing literally ten of thousands of people over the last 40 years, I believe I am on to the biggest discovery of my life time. Its called H2 Pure Hydrogen Energy.

Is Free Radical Damage -the origin of most disease and aging?
If we are right about the ability of the smallest molecules like hydrogen and nitric oxide to reverse free radical damage in people, then we might be onto the biggest discovery of the decade, in the battle against chronic diseases!

Nobel Prize for this discovery in Lifestyle medicine?
This is a Nobel Prize-worthy discovery that if proven, shows we can utilize lifestyle medicine and nutraceutical intervention therapies such as hydrogen restored by H2 tablets dissolved in water, and nitric oxide enhancement, and by diet, and supplements, to combat most chronic diseases and aging.

My questions are as follows:
Is free radical damage and its resulting inflammation one of the principal causes of aging and disease?

How fast will disease conditions of disequilibrium related to free radical damage such as cancer and other inflammatory diseases respond to this simple H2 therapy?

Request to doctors, clients, sports athletes or sick clients
Please join me to be part of the most exciting study in the history of lifestyle natural medicine. The only known by product of drinking hydrogen rich water is H2O. I drop these dis-solvable special magnesium tablets into Kangen water (see Robert Gridelli who installed a Kangen device at my office) or just purified bottled water (8 to 12 oz, two bottles a day).

The H2 Pure Energy tablets are to be sealed into the bottle for 15 minutes while the hydrogen out gases bubbles of pure hydrogen, then you quickly drink the whole bottle! Its that easy. I am feeling the healing energy unlike any natural high I have every experienced.

for more on Hydrogen H2, go to or call 1-949-720-1554

to get an eBook text the word Nick to 72000

References and Science
NIH government study predicts 35 disease can be improved with Hydrogen therapy

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