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How can you tell if your individual anti-aging protocol is as perfect as possible? Follow 5 steps to perfection!

By hkugler at Sept. 7, 2015, 2:43 a.m., 5607 hits

Visualize: At the coming, December, A4M Las Vegas Congress you just attended several lectures, each one dealing with effects of very specific anti-aging modalities on longevity. How can you tell what percentage - of total - each one could/would have on YOUR individual longevity?

1) A MUST: Define Life-Long/optimum Health as per anti-aging principles:

LIFE-LONG HEALTH - - synonymous with optimum health, top fitness and sexuality, best possible immune function, fastest recovery from disease or injury, and the lowest rate of cognitive decline and aging - - is defined (Cheraskin/Kugler, peer-reviewed) as a state of homeostasis, achieved by correctly applying the key health modalities/practices: a) Physical activity, b) Detoxing, c) Nutrition, d) Supplementation, e) Environment, f) Stress utilization/management.

2) After doing your best regarding the anti-aging modalities - - a) through f) - - check out anti-aging related specialty areas at (part of the magnificent A4M projects; also accessible at ) to determine if specifics might require adjustments in YOUR anti-aging/longevity protocol.

3) Keep an eye out for newly developing obstacles, and how they could increase/decrease in relative values:

Recently published data regarding physical activity, the #1 essential and most effective requirement for true life-long health, and telomere research - - proving (good) lifestyles as true (anti-) aging modalities, has made it possible to clearly and precisely define an anti-aging protocol. However, following such a precisely defined anti-aging protocol is hampered or negated by an ever increasing number of newly evolving obstacles, including GMOs (as part of NUTRITION; toxins and endocrine disrupters), and more TOXINS (as part of ENVIRONMENT; toxins from scientifically unsupported GW countermeasures, and other sources, accumulating in adipose tissue and causing inflammation, more endocrine disruption, hampering immune responses, etc.).

4) Define - quantitatively - the relative importance, percentages of total, of research reports by comparing them to established longevity studies; e.g.:

Longevity Studies Confirm the Cheraskin/Kugler Definition of “Life-Long Health.”
In longevity studies, performed at Roosevelt University in Chicago we divided cancer-prone mice – retired breeders - into 3 groups. Group 1: Nick-named “the average business man,” was given a junk food diet high in fat and sugar, with no supplements. This group did no exercise, and their environment was slightly stressed (small, standard cages), cigarette smoke was blown through the cages, and tap water given as drinking fluid. Group 2: The control group, everything was standard. Group 3: These mice were exercised in a rotating drum 3 times per week, were given a quality diet containing antioxidants, minerals, and supplements, drank carbon filtered water, and had larger living quarters with hiding places that were rearranged each time the cages were cleaned.

The result of the study showed a nearly 100% difference in the average lifespan between the animals in group 1 and 3, while group 2 was in-between. Professor Cheraskin had correctly predicted the outcome of our longevity studies. The results are in agreement with human longevity data. Synergism – as postulated by Cheraskin/Kugler – manifested itself in the longevity studies, in two “irreversible” heart recoveries, and two cancer reversals, when several health practices were combined correctly. Request copies of the heart recovery, and cancer case histories/studies (presented at A4M) from .

MOST IMPORTANT: When repeating the longevity study without exercise in group 3, life-span increases drop to 50%. These percentages are in very close agreement with human longevity data that focus on general (aerobic) exercise programs; when emphasis is on resistance (strength) exercises, bottom-line evaluations show the effect of exercise to increase even more - - - up to 55 to 60%.

How about supplementation? Longevity studies, combining the most effective supplements, suggest a maximum average life-span increase of 23% for a combination of the key supplements. A later study - using an updated combination of supplements - showed a total longevity effect of 26% ( - - which appears to be the upper limit).

5) Biochemical Individuality: With the overall picture/definition of Life-Long/optimum health in mind, add/subtract - - based on your parent's genetics; occurrence of diseases - - a number of years. It should be obvious that this - - assigning +/- years - - also depends on the age of your parents, and if diseases occurred on both sides. For specifics - - # of years added/subtracted - - consult insurance company longevity data, or a longevity quizz (- - as presented, for example, in my e-book “LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn - - ”). Now, aware of possible contributing background/parent genetics factors, visit, one more time, to put the final touches on your longevity protocol.

Everything IS relative! For more insight into the overall anti-aging picture, including effects of various types of stem cells, or the Heidelberg/Tuebingen Universities embryonic cell extracts, visit

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