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More bad news about GMOs: "By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism", Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at MIT

By hkugler at Aug. 5, 2015, 5:38 p.m., 19994 hits

She - Dr. Seneff - like many others says autism isn’t just genetic – it is almost surely due to environmental factors. Just a couple of those factors are Monsanto’s RoundUp (glyphosate) and heavy exposure to a cocktail of heavy metals, including aluminum.
She has been studying autism for over 7 years, along with the environmental factors that lead to the disease. Decreased exposure to sunlight, poor diet, vaccines (specifically aluminum and mercury), as well as glyphosate toxins from RoundUp are causing skyrocketing rates of autism. She explains this in a two-hour presentation given recently at Autism One.

Manganese (Mn) is an often overlooked but important nutrient, required in small amounts for multiple essential functions in the body. A recent study on cows fed genetically modified Roundup®-Ready feed revealed a severe depletion of serum Mn. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup®, has also been shown to severely deplete Mn levels in plants.

Here, we investigate the impact of Mn on physiology, and its association with gut dysbiosis as well as neuropathologies such as autism, Alzheimer's disease (AD), depression, anxiety syndrome, Parkinson's disease (PD), and prion diseases. Glutamate overexpression in the brain in association with autism, AD, and other neurological diseases can be explained by Mn deficiency.

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IT ALL CONNECTS: Recall that Aluminum is the # 1 ingredient/toxin in Chemtrail spray, and it also is the # 1 toxin - kills - to trees.

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This - AGAIN - confirms: “Genetically engineered crops, glyphosate and the deterioration of health in the United States of America” . Nancy L. Swanson, , Andre Leu, Jon Abrahamson, and Bradley Wallet
Abacus Enterprises, Lummi Island, WA, USA , International Federation of Organic Agricultural M govemments, Bonn, Germany, Abacus Enterprises, Lummi Island, WA, USA, Crustal Imaging Facility, Conoco Phillips School of Geology and Geophysics, University of Oklahoma, USA
* Corresponding author:
A huge increase in the incidence and prevalence of chronic diseases has been reported in the United States (US) over the last 20 years. Similar increase have been seen globally. The herbicide glyphosate was introduced in 1974 and its use is accelerating with the advent of herbicide-tolerant genetically engineered (GE) crops. Evidence is mounting that glyphosate interferes with many metabolic processes in plants and animals and glyphosate residues have been detected in both. Glyphosate disrupts the endocrine system and the balance of gut bacteria, it damages DNA and is a driver of mutations that lead to cancer.

View pictures of lab rats - - fed both types of GMO corn - - developing cancers, organ malfunctions at .

See also: Unusual, symptoms in airline passengers – inflammation, allergies, flu-like - connected to the toxins in Chemtrail/SRM spray
A clear and present danger: A NO-RETURN EARTH-CATASTROPHE BY SEPTEMBER 2015.

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#1 - Aug. 5, 2015, 5:38 p.m.

There was an old saying… ‘You are what you eat.’ Hippocrates the father of medicine said ‘Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.’ We have entered an age now where certain areas of science have become so arrogant beyond measure that perhaps it has been forgotten that we are all a product of our environment. We have come to a point, where I might say that there is no single human being on this planet whose genetics haven't been altered through GMO's and/or vaccinations. Until a mass effect and conscious change happens we are at the whim of giant profiteering at our expense.

It is of great concern that such giant corporations, need I mention names, have positioned themselves via lobbying efforts to produce laws that protect their corporate interests. Our political interface has become a “Pony Show” for corporate benefactors at the expense of your health and the overall well being of our future generation. Need I say more…

One should question why Countries have banned GMO's? You might just consider or ask the question that perhaps such GMO practices are detrimental to our health? Certain Nations definitely think so. Despite the bullshit propaganda that we are being “fed”, you need to look between the lines to see the true devious nature these corporations are playing in. Perhaps they consider us Cattle and like Cattle we are to be fed as such. But perhaps something even more may be going on that your not being told. Our children are the future and as such, certain generations migrate into Earth to produce a massive shift in the consciousness. Look what happened in the 1960's. By suppressing their genetic expression one may surmise that they may be subservient to the devious natures that are at hand. I will stop here… but I encourage you to reflect on the message and look behind the scenes of what may be actually going on behind closed doors.

For an in-depth report on this subject, please visit the link below:

Dr. C