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JAMA Study - - Americans, fat and fatter - - confirms longevity studies focusing on Telomere-maintaining Modalities/lifestyle, as opposed to (ineffective) Pharma drugs.

By hkugler at June 28, 2015, 4:43 p.m., 10025 hits

Over the past 11 years, every time a new fat-burner makes the news, one gets the impression that the universe has a climactic response; and that’s all - - - and people get fatter.

According to Washington University School of Medicine, St. Louis, researchers Americans have reached a weighty milestone: adults who are obese (67.6 million) now outnumber those who are merely overweight (65.2 million).
A BMI (Body Mass Index) between 18.5 and 24.9 is considered normal, 25 – 29.9 range is overweight, and over 30.0 is obese. Women were more likely (37%) to be obese, and (30%) overweight, while men (35%) were obese, and (40%) were overweight. African-Americans had the highest rates of obesity with women 57%, and men 39%. and

What does all this mean?
Our own study “Diet and Health Habits as related to the Onset of Disease” (Jl of International Academy of Preventive Medicine, Vol. IV, No. 2) showed nearly the same numbers for people who did not have any exercise program, and with nutritional factors similar to the JAMA study.

How does this connect to applied anti-aging, and telomere maintenance? In a series of 9 papers published 1974-86, Alabama University professor Emanuel Cheraskin, MD, DMD, PhD, defined true life-long health as a state of homeostasis, achieved by correctly applying some 50 variables, which can also be grouped together as health practices. Further cooperative research with Professor Cheraskin, performed in our lab, confirmed that life-long health is synonymous with optimum health, fitness, sexuality, best possible immune function, best recovery from disease or injury, and the lowest rate of cognitive decline and aging. Please note: prescription drugs show no statistical value in longevity studies that incorporate the key health modalities.

Longevity Studies Confirm our (Cheraskin/Kugler) Definition of “Life-Long Health,” and place exercise – emphasis on resistance, muscle - as the # 1 anti-aging modality.
In longevity studies, performed at Roosevelt University in Chicago we divided cancer-prone mice – retired breeders - into 3 groups. Group 1: Nick-named “the average business man,” was given a junk food diet high in fat and sugar, with no supplements. This group did no exercise, and their environment was slightly stressed (small, standard cages), cigarette smoke was blown through the cages, and tap water given as drinking fluid. Group 2: The control group, everything was standard. Group 3: These mice were exercised in a rotating drum 3 times per week, were given a quality diet containing antioxidants, minerals, and supplements, drank carbon filtered water, and had larger living quarters with hiding places that were rearranged each time the cages were cleaned.
The result of the study showed a nearly 100% difference in the average lifespan between the animals in group 1 and 3, while group 2 was in-between. Professor Cheraskin had correctly predicted the outcome of our longevity studies. The results are in agreement with human longevity data. Synergism – as postulated by Cheraskin/Kugler – manifested itself in the longevity studies – and also in two “irreversible” heart recoveries - when several health practices were combined at the same time.
MOST IMPORTANT: When repeating the longevity study without exercise in group 3, life-span increases drop to 50%. Later longevity studies, combining all the most effective supplements, – some not yet completed at this time – suggest a maximum average life-span increase of not more than 23%. Exercise - with an emphasis on resistance (muscle) exercises - is an absolute MUST. Look at the numbers: You must - correctly - combine ALL other anti-aging factors to come even close to what exercise can do for you. A simple 2-step supercircuit exercise program - - minimum, maximum - - is presented in my latest e-book “LIFE-LONG HEALTH.” Try it! You'll like it! I bet you: once you get a taste of real fitness, you'll go for the real thing!

The longevity studies, and Professor Cheraskin’s definition of health, were based on, and in agreement with, previously established theories of aging: glycation, free radical, cross-link, immunologic, and more. The theories of aging, and causes of premature aging, are discussed in the gerontology literature, and in an introduction to the theories of aging in chapter 11 of “Life Long Health”; , also presented at the A4M Congress in Florida (in print in Anti-Aging Therapeutics, Vol. XV).

Connecting the dots: What is the strongest Telomere-length maintaining modality?
Answer: Exercise, with an emphasis on resistance (muscle) exercises.

What is the strongest modality in preventing cognitive losses?
Answer: Resistance exercise.

At the A4M FORUM we have Jeff Behar writing, and explaining, exercise modalities. Please pay attention to what he has to say!

Since environment is a key modality in anti-aging, please check out:

For more science facts about APPLIED Anti-Aging and top fitness, read “LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to Control your Genes to stay Young with Age” - - - now available as e-book at $ 1.99.

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