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Alarming increase in serious illnesses in the US connected to Chemtrails: COAL ASH as the Chemtrail spray ingredients confirms true Loony-tunes pseudo-science!

By hkugler at Feb. 4, 2015, 3:57 p.m., 12314 hits

For part 1 of this post - - “US now dead-last in life span among the nations of the world”, connected to US GMO consumption, and also to large increases in inflammation (caused by the toxins in Chemtrail spraying)click on: .

Coal ash as high altitude chemtrail spraying ingredients answers many open questions, but also - as we suspected and suggested previously - that pseuo-scientific lunatics, with total disrespect for life on this planet, with total ignorance about the cause/effect of global warming, ignoring principles of thermodynamics (energy accountability), and with - obviously - only one goal, NAMELY TO SUSTAIN SPECIAL INTEREST - carbon? GMO industry? - PROFITS ARE BEHIND THIS ULTIMATE INSULT TO EARTH, come hell or high water (literally.)

FACT: Trees are our first line of defense against excess CO2.
FACT: Aluminum is the # 1 poison for - it kills - trees!
FACT: Forestry departments around the world have frequently stated/observed that, within 15 to 20 years, half of all trees will be dead.

QUESTION: Which ignoramus - - oblivious to the facts that threaten life on earth - - OK'd CHEMTRAILS, high altitude spraying of Aluminum (not to mention the other toxic ingredients for which thousands of references can be found with an NIH Pub-Med database search?

Please watch the Coal Ash documentary:
Coal ash has, as key ingredients, Aluminum (Alzheimers, Autism in children), Barium, and many other toxins. A PubMed literature search for toxic effects of the Chemtrail spray ingredients yields in excess of 25,000 responses.

For more insights, check out , , the FORUM posts at “ENVIRONMENT - Toxins”, the posts all the way at the end of this FORUM.

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