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Alarming increase in serious illnesses in the US, along with a decrease in life expectancy - - COAL ASH in Chemtrails a major causative factor?

By hkugler at Jan. 27, 2015, 5:43 p.m., 11265 hits

We - - IAAM, - - contacted a number of longevity experts to pinpoint the cause(s). Look at the graph in Bezruchka's paper: The US is dead-last! See URL below.

Besides the (established)connection to the use of GMOs (see previous post), there is also a definite increase in overall inflammation, clearly connected to Chemtrail spraying. For the latest (like recent article in the Washington Post), see

We are also exploring the connection between Chemtrail spraying and the - strangely - appearing and disappearing flu symptoms; watch for follow-up ost.

Within the last 20 years there has been an alarming increase in serious illnesses in the US, along with a marked decrease in life expectancy (Bezruchka, 2012). The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that the cost of diabetes and diabetes-related treatment was
approximately $116 billion dollars in 2007. Estimated costs related to obesity were $147 billion in 2008 and cardiovascular diseases and stroke were $475.3 billion in 2009. Health care expenditures in the US totaled 2.2 trillion dollars in 2007 (CDC, 2013a). The onset of serious illness is appearing in increasingly younger cohorts. The US leads the world in the increase in deaths due to neurological diseases between 1979-81 and 2004-06 for the 55-65 age group (Pritchard et al., 2013). These mental disorder deaths are more typical of the over 65 age group. There have been similar findings for obesity, asthma, behavior and learning problems, and chronic disease in children and young adults (Van Cleave et al., 2010). Type II diabetes in youth is being called an epidemic (Rosenbloom et al., 1999). The rate of chronic disease in the entire US population has been dramatically increasing with an estimated 25% of the US population suffering from multiple chronic diseases (Autoimmunity Research Foundation, 2012). These findings suggest environmental triggers rather than genetic or age-related causes.
During this same time period, there has been an exponential increase in the amount of glyphosate applied to food crops and in the percentage of GE food crops planted (Benbrook, 2012). We undertook a study to see if correlations existed between the rise of GE crops, the associated glyphosate use and the rise in chronic disease in the US.

Reference to full paper:
Bezruchka, S., 2012. The Hurrider I Go the Behinder
I Get: The Deteriorating International Ranking of
U.S. Health Status. Annual Review of Public Health,
33: 157-173.

Full paper:

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