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New US Study: Alzheimer's Breakthrough for Aging Brains in this Digital Age. The blood-brain barrier, WiFi and cell phone radiation?

By kcrofton at Nov. 8, 2014, 12:45 a.m., 19472 hits

A recent study published in Science Translational Medicine - lead by Dr Joy Yu - reports encouraging results in stopping the build up of plaque in primate brains.

Dr Yu: “If this technique proves successful in humans, patients could receive weekly subcutaneous or monthly intravenous injections to keep neurological diseases at bay.”

Her research team developed a way to inject brain-protective antibodies attached to transferrin - a protein that can pass through the blood-brain barrier (BBB).

As you know, the BBB acts like a shield to prevent the passage of harmful substances that can enter the brain. In this case, they wanted to penetrate the BBB to deliver the antibodies to stop the build up of amyloid beta plaques, as this build up interferes with the normal firing of the brain's neurons.

There are various theories about what causes this build up - a key factor in Alzheimer's disease.

And there is research about new factors which can cause leakage of the protective BBB, including the penetration of microwave radiation from wireless devices including WiFi and cell phones.

Here is an excerpt from my book, A Wellness Guide for The Digital Age, with a quote from Swedish neurosurgeon Professor Leif Salford, MD.

“The blood-brain barrier is a vital filtering system in the blood vessels in the brain to keep toxins out and cerebrospinal fluids in, so that the environment of the brain is kept clean and the brain itself is cushioned against any contact with the skull.

Published, peer-reviewed research by Leif Salford, MD, the neurology professor at Lund University, shows
that EMR (electro-magnetic radiation) is capable of causing leakage of the blood-brain barrier. (Salford et al. 1992, 1993, 1994, 1997b, 2001.)

Dr. Salford’s research team reported rat brain cross-sections showed first ever evidence of brain damage from cell phone radiation. While the controls appeared healthy, the test subjects – exposed to a 2-hour dose of cell phone radiation of varying intensities – were heavily spotted with proteins leaked from the surrounding blood vessels, and show signs of significant neuronal (brain) damage.

Think that what applies to rat brains doesn’t apply to humans? Sorry. Professor Salford says that the blood-brain barrier is anatomically the same in both species and some years ago stated, ‘It is my sincere
belief that non-thermal electro-magnetic fields from mobile phones do have effects upon the human brain.’

Now there is even more scientific evidence to support this concern – a good reason not to hold a mobile against your head, or your baby.

Medical Researchers Raise The Alert About Brains At Risk:

Wireless microwave radiation impairs the blood-brain barrier leaving us vulnerable to an increasing number of toxic chemicals – chemicals doubled in the last seven years! In March 2014 The Lancet Neurology published a review by Philip Landrigan, MD of Mount Sinai School of Medicine and Philippe Grandjean, MD, of Harvard School of Public Health. They say this is so troubling they are calling for a worldwide overhaul of the regulatory process in order to protect children’s brains.

'Neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, and
other cognitive impairments, affect millions of children worldwide, and seem to be increasing in frequency. We know from clinical information on poisoned adult patients that these chemicals can enter the brain through the blood-brain barrier and cause neurological symptoms. When this happens in children or during pregnancy, those chemicals are extremely toxic, because we now know that the developing brain is a uniquely vulnerable organ. Also, the effects are permanent.' ”

The researchers in my field are making chilling predictions for this digital generation about the onset of Alzheimer's disease decades earlier in life.

We must educate our young people, and ourselves, about the safer way to use this technology.

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