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Who – in Washington – authorized Voo Doo Pseudo-Scientists to play Russian Roulette with our Planetary Future/Health?

By hkugler at Sept. 21, 2014, 7:42 p.m., 6694 hits

- - - Oil-, coal-, and Gas special interests pulling the strings? - - - While real Climate Change scientists from our finest Universities from all around the world - pissed off to the hilt - are sitting on the sidelines, not being involved?

When explaining complex science problems to my students, and when actions/inactions by “authorities” just didn’t make ANY sense, I used to tell them:
“Analyze the “authorities” (elected Government officials) that make the no-sense decisions, and then look for the special interests behind them – the ones that are pulling the strings, the ones that helped with PAC dollars to get them elected – and you will find that the world is run by TFIs and TGBs.”
TFIs: Totally Fumbling Ignoramuses(*), and TGBs: Totally Greedy Bastards.
(*) Well informed people usually get around to using stronger words for F and I (idiots).

Watch this; it is a powerfully-presented and well-documented and convincing talk about geoengineering and numerous cataclysmic ramifications, that will leave you bolted to the screen; and it surely confirms my above mentioned deductions.

More background information about this earth-destructing lunacy was recently presented by myself in

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