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Chemtrail Spraying Mega-Tons of Aluminum, Barium, and Strontium: Sacrificing Your Health for Anti-Global-Warming Measures, i.e. Geo-Engineering = VooDoo "Science"

By hkugler at June 8, 2022, 2:55 a.m., 29500 hits

We – IAAM – recently called attention to the fact that top Global Warming scientists had issued a doomsday warning, pointing at unusually high Methane levels, caused by the – much faster than expected – melting of Arctic ice which, in turn, warmed permafrost areas and ocean to the point that Methane from now warming permafrost areas, and from deep sea Clathrates – is now being released into the atmosphere at a rate of 50 million tons/year, and threatens global self-destruction if the strongest, immediate, countermeasures are not taken. and also
Methane is 105 times stronger than CO2 in causing Global Warming.

Satellites measure what energy comes in and what goes out. Incoming sun energy is equivalent to 400,000 Hiroshima atomic bombs per day. 90% of that, previously reflected by Arctic ice, now warms permafrost areas and oceans, causing ever increasing amounts of Methane to be released.

Total Methane, previously safely tugged away in deep cold oceans and permafrost areas is thousands of Gigatons, and only 1%, released into the atmosphere, would be sufficient to change the equilibrium towards an earth-destructing fatality. At that point nothing could be done about it; Good-by Earth!

You will see some of our greatest minds - - Prof. Peter Wadhams, Cambridge U Arctic expert, John Nissen, AMEG chairman, David Wasdell, director Apollo Gaia project, Dr. Natalia Shakhova, Russian Academy of Sciences, Dr. Richard Milne, U. of Edinburgh - - confirming/explaining these facts in the quoted URLs.

So, what needs to be done?

CO2 begins warming, causes temperature increases in tundra - - increased temperature drives water vapor feedback, water vapor feedback accelerates heating, which initiates more heating, etc., etc.
Because the extreme CO2 amounts created by burning fossil fuels – more than twice the amounts plants and oceans can handle, 36 billion pounds of CO2 per day in the US alone – CO2 is the # 1 trigger/cause of Global Warming, ocean acidification, death of sea life, shifting ecosystem balance, and much more. Therefore the logical thing must be to aim at reducing CO2 by 80%, not by 2050, but by 2020, possibly earlier. ENERGY CALCULATIONS - - TAKING INTO ACCOUNT ALL POSSIBLE WAYS OF CO2 PRODUCTION AND REDUCTION - - MAKE IT - 100% - CLEAR THAT GREATLY REDUCING COAL, OIL, AND GAS, AND QUICKLY CHANGING TO NON-CARBON SOURCES OF ENERGY - ESPECIALLY SOLAR AND HYDROGEN TECHNOLOGY - IS THE ONLY WAY TO ACHIEVE THIS. SHORT-CUTS AND GIMMICKS TO EXTEND USAGE OF CARBON-BASED FUELS DON'T WORK, WILL ONLY WORSEN THE PROBLEM, AND ONLY GETS US CLOSER TO A NO-RETURN CATASTROPHE QUICKER. DON'T LET THE COAL, OIL, AND FRACKING INDUSTRY, WITH THEIR PLANTED BOGUS ARGUMENTS, PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR EYES. For some more details see “NUTS! to the Global Warming Denialists” at .
WE CERTAINLY HAVE THE CAPACITY TO DO SO!!!!!: as per RMI – the Rocky Mountain Institute – practicing conservation, as done in Europe, could reduce energy needs by 30%, and hydrogen technology, as per Harvard prof. Dan Nocera, could run the entire US with enough solar electricity and water, while moving the US back into a top position in the world.

This, scientifically documented, need to GREATLY reduce/eliminate fossil fuel usage, is fought by the carbon industry – coal, oil, fracking – by manipulating our government into OK-eing VooDoo “science” that is not only ineffective, but also douses its people - with total disrespect for their health - with toxic, disease-inducing, chemicals. Thus, the US overall approach towards preventing Global-Warming-induced suicide has become one of extreme stupidity and ignorance. The facts are 100% clear: THIS IS AN EXTREME EMERGENCY! Yet, what are the, supposedly responsible, branches of our government doing? Besides scientifically flunked Geoengineering VooDoo - - under the influence of intentionally planted BOGUS Anti-Global Warming arguments(?) - - and pushed by the carbon industry - NOTHING! This even goes as far as utility companies pushing legislation that makes it more difficult for people to install solar (news item August 8, 2014). Could they possibly use their brains and, for example, acknowledge the fact that, in always cloudy Germany, solar now supplies 50% of electricity demands???
And that’s where - - AS WE, AND SCIENTISTS UNAFFECTED BY MONEYED INTERESTS, SEE IT - - common-sense science is drowned out by politics, and pseudo-scientific lunacy, attempting shortcuts – Geoengineering – that (according to an interview in the CHRONICLE with Edward Snowden) have been going on for years now, has caused climate disasters (decimated the S-Dakota cattle industry by inducing a sub-zero temperature ice storm that killed thousands of cattle), is counterproductive to established anti-climate-change measures already taken (- if you have solar panels on your house, it reduces electricity production by about 20%; does anybody reimburse you for this loss? It also increases deadly UV radiation, burns the bark off trees, and destroys ozone). Most serious, by spraying toxic chemicals into the atmosphere to reduce sun energy absorption, it induces diseases galore in humans and plants, and kills trees: .

THE PSEUDO-SCIENCE, also referred to as “Chemtrails”, “Geoengineering” – practiced, as per a Chronicle interview with Edward Snowden for years now, and with Government blessings, by Frankenstein-type VOODOO practitioners - motivated not by science facts, but by moneyed interests. Those know-nothing know-it-alls also deny basic physics (-that bottom-line energy has to be accounted for, it violates laws of thermodynamics, and that – as screwed up by geoengineering weather modification mechanics, if you cool one part of the world, another will warm, and increase in temperature).
BUT, MOST IMPORTANT, is that those ignoramuses, without government or medical supervision, dare to play God with our health by spraying tons of nano-particles of reflecting metals (Aluminum, Barium, Strontium) into high layers of the atmosphere to prevent sun energy from reaching earth and, obviously oblivious to the facts that these metals are major causes of diseases like Alzheimers, Autism, severe inflammation, risking cancer, heart- and lung disease, ALL OF WHICH HAVE GREATLY INCREASED OVER THE PAST YEARS.
Do a Pub-Med (NIH database) search for “toxic effects of aluminum, or Barium, or Strontium, on human or plant health”, and you get – wow - 60,522 responses/citations.
Geoengineers have stated the goal of 20,000,000 tons of aluminum a year for global dispersement; that will sure make us all coming down with Alzheimers quyickly, and increase big pharma profits. They don't acknowledge - sometimes still deny - the spraying with Aluminum. So, how come independent lab analysis of rain/soil proved it (see cover story in SOCO magazine, August 2014), and Monsanto - out of the Goodness of their rotten(?) hearts - developed aluminum-resistent crops????
And – ohhhhh – I almost overlooked – because nothing in the geoengineering approach aims at reducing CO2, coal, oil, and Fracking (Fracking, the biggest farce ever pulled over on the American public; bottom-line, including the injection of tons of toxic chemicals, “fracking fluids,” into the wells, fracking is worse than coal), these industries will keep selling their earth-destructing poisons without restrictions. GET THE PICTURE? WHO HAS THE MONEY, BABY!
With total neglect for WE THE PEOPLE, our health is sacrificed for oil/coal industry profits!!!! Don't we have great health protection here in the US? So screwed up that it is referred to by conspiracy theorists as “population control”.
Get a better picture by following .

And if you finally recognized that your participation in this WAR OF GOOD AGAINST EVIL could help to shift the balance, get strong and fit first: Dr. Kugler's “LIFE-LONG HEALTH: learn how to - - ”, originally $ 18.95, is now available as health education project e-book for the non-profit price of $ 1.99. and check out .

References showing the toxic effects of Aluminum on trees: Aluminum toxicity and forest decline. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. Jun 1988; 85(11): 3888–3892.
PMCID: PMC280325, D. L. Godbold,* E. Fritz, and A. Hüttermann

Plant and Soil , June 2014. Aluminum toxicity to tropical montane forest tree seedlings in southern Ecuador: response of biomass and plant morphology to elevated Al concentrations.

Calcium Depletion and Aluminum Toxicity May Contribute to Maple Decline. 2007, Paul Schaberg, U.S. Forest Service Northern Research Station, VT.

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Posts [ 1 ] | Last post June 8, 2022, 2:55 a.m.
#1 - Aug. 13, 2014, 3:44 p.m.
Hans J. Kugler, PhD

Responding to questions:
Q.: Preventing sun energy from reaching earth, wouldn't that also reduce CO2?
A.: No! see below. Even if it helped a little bit (which it doesn't), the amounts of CO2 that need to be reduced are humongous; see calculations below.

Q.: Why is everybody - from MIT to Harvard, and Princeton - so set against coal?
A.: Because it is the dirtiest source of energy; even so-called “clean coal,” a farce in itself, pollutes our environment/oceans with toxic Mercury (and several others) to a degree that pregnant women are advised not to eat fish. 50 tons of Mercury pollution/year from the US alone, and 100 tons from China.

Q.: Is there proof that CO2 can get toxic to plants?
A.: A DEFINITE “YES”! San Diego U, and other agricultural centers have shown when CO2 increases beyond 350 ppm, it becomes toxic, and plants shut down CO2 up-take.

Q.: I don't believe that a little aluminum can kill trees!
A.: First - see geoengineeringwatch reports, and SOCO Magazine of Aug. 2014, it is not “a little;” the amounts are massive!!! See scientific references at end of part 1 of this post.

and more - - - answered with an overview - below - of the problem.

Relative – Worldwide 2008 – CO2 production in millions of tons:
Need numbers for another country? GOOGLE “worldwide CO2 production”.

CO2 Production in million tons/year - - per capita - - % Change 2008 - 09
World: 30,493 - - 4.49 - - 0.3

Asia & Oceana combined: 12,333 - - 3.53 - - 7.5
China: 6,803 - - 5.83 - - 13.3
N. America: 6,883 - - 14.19 - - minus -6.9
US: 5,833 - - 17.67 - - minus -7
All of Europe: 4,628 - - 7.14 - - minus -6.9
India: 1,408 - - 1.38 - - 8.7
Russia: 1,693 - - 11.3 - - minus -7.4
Japan: 1,215 - - 8.6 - - minus -9.7
Germany: 823 - - 9.3 - - minus -7
Saudi Arabia: 455 - - 18.6 - - 3.2
Italy: 449 - - 7.0 - - minus -9.3
France: 429 - - 6.3 - - minus -7.4
Please notice the tremendous energy waste (CO2 production) US vs. Russia, or US vs. Japan, and the LOWEST CO2 production in Germany, which is due to 50% of electricity needs being generated by solar.
Approximate worldwide yearly amount of CO2 ABOVE what trees and oceans
can handle – also cause of ocean acidification, dead zones: 15 mil tons; need
to cut CO2 production by at least 20% MORE than this amount to achieve homeostasis.
In the US the DAILY excess of CO2 - - the amount ABOVE what trees and oceans can handle - - is 16 Billion pounds/day. To bring CO2 to a level where trees and oceans have a chance to recover, achieve homeostasis/balance, we must cut CO2 production by 19.2 - - 16 plus 3.2 (20%) - - billion pound/day.

Acknowledging that, for some time to come, there will be some need for carbon fuels for transportation - - airplanes, trucks, ships - - the only way to GREATLY reduce CO2 production is - starting immediately - to aim towards eliminating coal, the dirtiest source of energy, and to encourage EVERYBODY to install solar.

Trees, and plants in general, are our first line of CO2 balancers. However, trees are dieing - worldwide - at an unprecedented rate. This is due to
a) higher global temperatures, allowing tree beetles to multiply faster (as explained in detail in “YEARS OF LIVING DANGEROUSLY”, by Harrison Ford and Arnold Schwarzenegger), and
b) the poisoning of trees with Aluminum via Geoengineeering atmospheric spraying. See scientific references quoted at the end of Part 1 of this post.
THE BOTTOM-LINE SCIENCE FACTS EVALUATION CONFIRMS - AGAIN - the priorities: Reduce CO2 production, and stop the VOODOO geoengineering spraying with Aluminum, Barium, Strontium.

On the other hand, of the clean sources of energy, wind, hydro, and geo are limited, and the only unlimited source of clean energy is solar:
“More energy from the sun hits the earth in 1 hour than all of the energy consumed by humans in an entire year.” Nathan Lewis, California Institute of Technology. Refer to the Solar/Hydrogen projects by prof. Dan Nocera, Part 1 of this post.

Scientists calling attention to the ArcticIceMethaneEmergency is pretty close to a Doomsday announcement, and several scientists agreed that this could be compared to the time when the US was forced to enter WWII.
At that point the entire country was mobilized; car companies changed to make tanks, any company related to aviation mobilized to make bombers and fighter airplanes, ship-builders converted transport ships to destroyers and built - - with US ingenuity - - airplane carriers, U-boats and PT-boats, and the entire nation – - Democrats and Republicans alike, stood side-by-side (WOW, what an amazing concept) and supported the effort.

Imagine such an Energy-Environment EFFORT on a global basis!

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