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"Navigating Around the Needles"

By meisenstein at April 11, 2014, 8:34 a.m., 12161 hits

Vaccine Webinar with Dr. Eisenstein
“Navigating Around the Needles” April 13th 2014 7PM CDT Please click on this link for Free Registration

All vaccine programs carry risk and questionable benefit. Therefore, the goal should not only be the prevention of a specific disease by vaccination, but also the benefits must outweigh any potential long term negative side effects.

In spite of the evidence disputing the benefits of vaccines and mandated vaccine programs hospitals, schools and state legislators around the nation have been implementing vaccine mandates for employees, under threat of termination from work and students with expulsion from schools. Dr. Eisenstein will explain the different legal vaccine waivers and how you can write a legal vaccine waiver.

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