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Hello everyone!

At Global Health - Hair Transplants Turkey we are aware of the importance of offering good service at an affordable price. We count on the professionalism of Dr. Ugur Altuntas, specialized in the latest trends in hair transplants in Europe. The hair transplant performed using the FUE technique, which consists of the direct and individual extraction of follicular units, is minimally invasive and leaves no scars.

During your visit to Turkey we want you to feel comfortable and accompanied, and to have all the necessary services at your disposal to enjoy a pleasant stay. We take care of the return flights from Spain so you don't have to worry about anything, 3 days accommodation in a five-star hotel located in the center of Istanbul, chauffeur service for transfers and a translator to make you feel at home.

We can guarantee 90% of your hair transplant for only £2,190.

Don't think twice about it and ask for a no-obligation evaluation!



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